Writing a report gcse english language

Notice in the structure of the third paragraph - negative areas are mentioned only after the positive findings have been included.

The only points of recommendation that the report would like to put forward are: Service and customer satisfaction Service is both efficient and polite. Quality control and nutritional value All dishes present on the menu are checked both at ingredient quantity stages, and also at tasting for salt content and temperature.

During the survey, many customers made personal reference to particular members of staff - this shows that staff have built up rapport over a long period of time.

Inspections were carried out at each stage of the service process, including a customer satisfaction survey. All staff are available to respond to customer needs and queries.

The report includes strengths of the service provided, and recommended areas of improvement. Little Gotham Catering Services Overview The report found that most areas of the catering facilities were adequate or exceeding expectations for their purpose.

Writing a report Structure A report is highly factual and informs the reader rather than trying to make them feel or react in a particular way.

Writing non-fiction

Language The language in a report is objective. Food is circulated every eight minutes, with any food out on the service floor for a period that exceeded eight minutes being disposed of immediately.

A report typically uses subheadingsto organise the text. Summary of findings Overall, the catering service is clearly a business that has high expectations of its staff, and consistently uses strict policy and guidelines regarding food preparation and hygiene to ensure that customers received a high quality of service.

There might also be statistics, graphs or evidence to support the text. Prepared food is checked rigorously for expiry dates and additional marks or signs of the food being at an inedible stage.

Writing A Report

The report ends with a clear summary of the report findings, and a bullet-pointed list of general recommendations to end. The writer also uses signposting sentences at the beginning of each paragraph. The purpose is usually to provide the reader with relevant information in an ordered way.

Preparation and hygiene standards All staff followed a strict hygiene policy prior to handling any food. Therefore, the vocabulary should be Standard English and straightforward, presenting the topic precisely.

Raw and cooked foods are prepared in separate areas of the kitchen, using the regulation stated chopping boards and equipment for the food in question.

Bullet points could be used to highlight key information to the reader. The only area of concern was that the condiment and cutlery drawer was not replenished on regular occasions to meet customer demand.Related discussions on The Student Room.

OCR Physics PAG 12 research report help» Plagiarism Dissertation Meeting» IGCSE First Language English () May/June ». Reports. It is likely that you will have to write a report on a survey that you carry out.

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of the report is and exactly what audience you are writing for. You should use formal language and a. WJEC Using Written Lang- Report writing. Prep for the above exam. rec (9) FREE; English Language: 19th Century Unseen Texts (The Fall of the House of Usher) Two lessons based on an extract from The Fall of the House of Usher.

Excellent resource for teaching the new GCSE English Language- 19th century, u rec (0) $ ;/5(9). The language in a report is objective. It states facts rather than attempting to manipulate the reader’s emotions.

The purpose is usually to provide the reader with relevant information in an. The focus was on Maths and English departments; both were graded as making good progress. The visit was a response to the dramatic rise in GCSE passes from grades A*-C.' Paragraphs Report. What should you do / not do when writing a report?

2|Year 9 – IGCSE English First Language. So Mr Andrews told the stallholder that he may be mistaken because the boys swore they saw Issac pay him and that there were a lot of boys so perhaps it was easy for him to mistakenly think Issac didn’t pay.

Writing a report gcse english language
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