Write a hypothesis based on the students observations of a burning

What does this say about the part of the candle that is burning? Consider the situation in which you notice that your watch is not working.

Experiments, Questions, and Design Experiments are performed to answer questions. If the purpose of a lab is to find the density of aluminum, then tell what the experimental value for the density of aluminum is in this section. What are two products from the combustion of a candle?

Then she uses that information to form a tentative answer to her scientific question.


Each type of question requires a different focus within the experimental design. Show work here for any calculations necessary to complete the lab. Plants need many types of nutrients to grow.

If the flame appears to go out, quickly move the wire gauze to the side. What do you thick is happening? Add 10 ml of phenol red solution to the flask. The point is to understand more about how the natural world works.

The collapsing can demo would be a good follow-up activity to this lab. A hypothesis is not merely an educated guess. Which is why scientists only support or not their hypothesis with data, rather than proving them. I ask them if they think that the candle would burn as long if it were only the wick that was burning.

If questions are part of the lab, answer them here. Quickly lower the mouth of the Erlenmeyer flask over the candle so that the mouth of the candle is below the surface of the water. That is not the compound that we are looking for.

An example scenario will help clarify the approach of this text and demonstrate the differences between acceptable and unacceptable hypotheses. Do your results indicate that the candle burns as a solid, liquid or a vapor?

If I measure the noise level in a classroom when a teacher is in it and when she leaves the room, then I will see that the noise level is higher when my teacher is not in my classroom. If no graph is required, skip this section.

Propose an explanation as to why this occurred. You can remind them that carbon dioxide was created and it also takes up space. Teachers have rules about when to talk in the classroom. You may have either of these or both in a lab.

A hypothesis is a general belief, pattern, model, or rule developed from observations in an attempt to answer a posed research question.

Write your observations below. So, was your hypothesis right? Identify the dependent and independent variables for this experiment. Since the pressure outside the flask is greater than inside the flask, the water is pushed up into the flask.

The first three weeks of this lab course are an introduction to designing, analyzing, and reporting of scientific investigations. When the Erlenmeyer flask is placed over the top of the candle in the water, student should observe that the water candle goes out and the water rises.

There are different conventions in which a hypothesis can be written, including those which involve a prediction in the hypothesis. This causes the air inside the flask to expand and some of it escapes when the flask is placed over it.Ernesto is the students I observed for 30 minutes during my observations.

Ernesto is a struggling reading who can get distracted easily and keeps distracting the class. Ernesto is a struggling reading who can get distracted easily and keeps distracting the class. How to Write a Lab Report or conclusions based on observations.

-skip a line-Calculations: Show work here for any calculations necessary to complete the lab. Remember to use your hypothesis was that burning was a chemical change, in the conclusion, you would write "The. Find Hypothesis lesson plans and worksheets. Showing 1 - 46 of 46 resources.

how magnets work. In this magnets lesson plan, students experiment with magnets to form hypotheses about how they work.

Students then write about their hypothesis and verbalize their understanding of magnets. they then observe the experiment and. based on what was observed. You must make a minimum of 40 observations total and an inference for EACH part of the lab.

Observation of a Candle

Remember that an inference is your conclusion based on the basis of evidence and reasoning. Is the hypothesis based on information from reference materials about the topic?

How to Write a Lab Report

Yes / No: Can at least one clear prediction be made from the hypothesis? Educators can also assign students an online submission form to fill. hypothesis. An important attribute of a hypothesis is that it must be testable. The testing of the hypothesis involves performing a carefully controlled experiment to obtain data that can be used to support, disprove, or modify the hypothesis.

Write a hypothesis based on your observations. 3. Describe the design of the experiment that you.

Write a hypothesis based on the students observations of a burning
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