Village life essay in english

Women are mostly confined to the household chores and are not allowed to express their opinion on any matter. This is the reason why the pollution level in the villages is far low compared to the cities. They are not rich and wealthy. Unfortunately, the search for jobs and the glare of material comforts and facilities is leading to large-scale migration of people from rural to urban areas.

The natural beauty of the villages in India is simply eye-catching. The women in the villages stay at home and take care of the household chores. Essay on Village Life Vs City Life 6 words Life in both rural and urban areas has its own plus points and problems.

They particularly do not feel the need to educate the girl child as they believe she needs to do the household chores as she grows up and thus there is no need for her to go to the school.

Cycles are the most common means to travel from home to work. Most of the villagers do not give much importance to education. Schools and hospitals in the villages lack good staff as well as facilities.

Essay on Village Life

They wind up their tasks by evening and go to bed early. The women also do not indulge in fashions. People lead a simple life and are there for each other in sickness and health.

The village is panorama of the charming scenes of nature. Roads and other means of communication in the village should be improved. Night schools must be opened for this purpose and adults must be encouraged to seek education. The need is to balance both kinds of lifestyles by incorporating good aspects from each other.

City Life Vs Village Life Essay

Life in villages is serene and peaceful. Life in urban India is marked by wide-ranging disparity. The festivals in villages are celebrated collectively and thus the joy and happiness during that time doubles up. City life is full of hustle and bustle of crowded places and rush and noise of traffic.

Most of the villages have no basic amenities like good roads, schools and hospitals. They are more considerate and know each other in the village.Short Essay on Village Life – Essay 1 ( words) People living in the villages mostly indulge in agricultural activities and stay away from the hustle and bustle of the chaotic city life.

In modern times, life is generally divided into city life and village life. Village life is full of beauties of Nature, simplicity and purity.

City life, on the other hand, is more developed, exciting and very fast. Pakistan’s Nuclear Strength Essay in simple English. Dec 27, Target Killing Essay for 8th 9th 10th FSc Students. Contextual translation of "village life essay" into Telugu.

Human translations with examples: telugu, villege, విలేజ్ జీవితం, telgu గ్రామ జీవితం, గ్రామం జీవితం వ్యాస. Read Also - Street Crime Essay in English Read Also - Television Essay in English Read Also - The Cow Essay in English A village is a small town, in the country area.

it consists of a few huts and mud houses. These houses are built all over the area.

Short Essay on Village Life (Problems and Solutions)

My Village Essay in English-My Village Short essay for school students. They celebrate all festivals people of my village live simple life. They live peacefully and happily together. 2 thoughts on “ My Village Essay in English- Essay on Village for School ”. Short Essay on Village Life (Problems and Solutions) By Ravi Sharma.

Village Life. Introduction: Village Life refers to the life of the people living as small groups in rural areas. The life of villagers is quite different from Rural life.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rural Life; Essay on Rural Development; Condition of Villages.

Village life essay in english
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