The accuracy of the film amadeus

What Amadeus gets wrong

Obviously, these operas were not written in English, but for American audiences, it helps to get the idea across that having opera sung in the vernacular was indeed important to the German people. I think it does a wonderful job showing how many people go into making a successful opera. There will never be an answer to that eternal question.

I am often criticised for portraying him as an imbecile, but I was actually conveying his childlike side: Also in the movie, Salieri is shown as conniving with the Italian musicians who resided in the Viennese court to prevent The Marriage of Figaro from being performed.

Interestingly, despite their rivalry in Vienna, there is also evidence that Mozart and Salieri were, if not best of friends, at least on peaceable terms with one another. For the first several performances of an opera, the composer directed from the harpsichord or fortepiano with a few leading gestures aimed at the singers.

My favorite movie about opera since no one asked is Topsy Turvy. Meanwhile, Mozart was on good terms with Salieri at the time of his death, inviting him to The Magic Flute and writing warmly of him in his diary. You can see the composer and librettist fight, you can see the singers bitch with the costumer, you can see the directors fret over cash.


One of the final scenes of the movie shows Mozart dictating a portion of the Requiem while Salieri scribbles away frantically.

If you would like to comment on this story or anything else you have seen on BBC Culture, head over to our Facebook page or message us on Twitter. The movie portrays an accurate view of Mozart and Salieri as they were seen in the s, despite being filmed in the s.

Verdict Genius and giggles … Photograph: Arguably the finest movie ever made about the process of artistic creation and the unbridgeable gap between human genius and mediocrity, it has taken its place in motion picture history and is invariably described as a masterpiece.

Sir Neville Marriner and the Academy of St-Martin-in-the-Fields give outstanding performances on the soundtrack — just listen to the thrillingly articulated punch of their Symphony No 25 or the wrenching Lacrimosa from the Requiem.

When she is first introduced, it is obvious that Salieri is attracted to her, but he states implicitly that he has not laid a finger on her because earlier he had sworn his chastity to God. In reality, it is very likely that Salieri slept with Catarina—it was generally known that she was his mistress, and if they were still together when The Magic Flute was first written, then their relationship must have lasted for years past The Abduction from the Seraglio.

Ronald Grant Archive Director: He went in and out of debt during his life but he was doing okay near the end. View image of Amadeus won eight Oscars in Credit: The refined Salieri is aghast, but this portrayal of Mozart is justifiable: Milos Forman Entertainment grade: Another matter of contention was the dance used during the third act.

And for all the academic imperfections of Amadeus, the essence of the film is irrefutable. Don Giovanni, shown in the film as an even floppier flop, was an immediate and sensational hit.

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In the film, a priest arrives at the hospital to hear his confession, and gets an earful about how God reneged on a pact Salieri made: It was Alexander Pushkin who first seized on the idea that the alleged rivalry between these two Vienna-based composers might make good drama:Actually, Mozart's personality was not much like the character in the Amadeus film (and play), according to most records and accounts.

No, Mozart wasn't a giggling moron, as Peter Schaffer wrote him (and Tim Hulce played him). How accurate is the film Amadeus () based on the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? If not accurate what did it get right and what is Antonio Salieri's influence on the world and his relationship with Mozart?

Salieri (F Murray Abraham) opens the film by cutting his own throat. This is based on a rumour spread by Ludwig van Beethoven's nephew, Karl, but there is no evidence for it – meaning Amadeus gets its first inaccuracy in before the opening credits.

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Fact or Fiction: Historical Inaccuracies in the film 'Amadeus'

What are some historical inaccuracies about the movie Amadeus? Historical accuracy of the movie AMADEUS!?Status: Resolved. THe author of the play, “Amadeus”, from which the movie was adapted, Peter Shaffer, died yesterday. He was interested in psychological/Freudian conflicts between characters in his plays, such as “Equus”.

I have read several Mozart biographies, and.

Amadeus: the fart jokes can't conceal how laughably wrong this is

It is 30 years since Amadeus swept the board at the Academy Awards. Miloš Forman’s film of Peter Shaffer’s play, took home eight statuettes that night, including best film, best director, best actor and best adapted screenplay.

The accuracy of the film amadeus
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