Should fox hunting be banned essay

This reflects the public consciousness of compassion towards animals. Paul, UK Good riddance to fox-hunting I say.

A meet may be a splendid and traditional sight but I find no place for it in a modern, humane society. Hunting does not impact the lives of the vast majority of Scottish people.

If population control is the intention then farmers should do what they do most of the year and shoot them - I have seen this done in lambing season where I grew up. Hunting is a minority pursuit.

Share via Email Yes My dining room curtains and my place mats are covered with hunting scenes, something which puzzles those visitors who are aware of my very strong anti-hunting views, but I explain that I consider the hunt a colourful feature of Olde England and that in Olde England it firmly belongs.

We must not be forced to live in a society where we can only do what the most easily offended person thinks is OK. As for the argument that hunting controls foxes, more than 10 times as many are shot as killed by hunts. Anyone who has seen an animal Should fox hunting be banned essay must concede that it knows fear.

Hazel, UK Fox-hunting should only be banned if we were a vegetarian nation William Milliken, Scotland Fox-hunting should only be banned if we were a vegetarian nation. John Kearney, UK Who does fox-hunting benefit?

I also am involved in terrier work. Most urban eyes swivel to the ceiling when this is mentioned but it is no exaggeration to say that the business of hunting - the horse trading, the training, the breeding of dogs, the veterinary visits, the meets, the gossip, the endless horse chat - represents a large part of the social activity of rural areas.

According to public opinion surveys, the British would rather it were not.

Should we ban hunting?

Trophy hunters used to hunt them. Anti-hunt protesters are generally working class, uneducated, unwashed troublemakers. I personally prefer my style of hunting - I use a rifle or crossbow and no dogs. None of these claims bear serious examination.

The reason why fox hunting is singled out is prejudice pure and simple! Of course, the parliament of the time, being staffed entirely by the rich and privileged, only banned those sports followed by the poor, not the ones reserved for themselves - the rich.

They are neither cowardly nor especially cruel and they are no more arrogant than the average New Labour policy maker.

This ban is just one of the many nails that are being hammered in to the coffin of the countryside. But what is amazing is listening to the Tories talk about job losses and compensation - where was this talk from them when they closed Revenscraig or other places similar around the UK? That fox will get progressively worse until it eventually dies of starvation, I think you will agree that the second it takes with a hound is a much nicer way to go, and a fox that escapes, does so unharmed.

One fox hunting interviewee complained that without the hunt, what would she do with her 3 horses. The true impact of a ban will be felt by working class rural communities yet those who wish to ban it see nothing beyond toffs on horseback.

If the Government bans hunting, it is sure to make arrangements for the legal dispatch of tens of thousands of foxes by bullet. The issue is not that the recreation is practised by a minority but that it is acceptable and morally defensible.

If people want to kill animals for fun, they should be made to fight them bare handed in their natural habitats. I expect hunting with hounds will be banned but unfortunately not for animal welfare reasons, just prejudice.

This will be done at night with search lights and doubtless dogs will be involved. Other arguments are deployed to tug at the heartstrings. I do not, however, hide what I do.

Fox hunting - Keep the Ban

Having said this, I now engage in the ritual. I do it quietly and usually by myself. If you need to kill these animals, get your boots on, load your gun and do whatever think is needed.Fox-hunting should only be banned if we were a vegetarian nation.

This is a pathetic bit of legislation designed only to appeal to the morally concerned who seem to be worried out of all proportion for the fate of foxes.

Fox Hunting essaysThe debate about fox hunting in England has been raging for years. It has split the country in two because just about everyone has their opinion on the issue.

Should it be banned or should it continue? Is it a cruel unnecessary bloodsport or is it a just another sport no different. Hunting Should Never Be Banned – Important Reasons Hunting with a dog is a popular sport. The dogs used for hunting are trained from an early stage to hunt animals.

Fox Hunting Fox hunting, as you probably already know is considered a `sport' amongst some people. Fox hunting is barbaric and disgusting and how it is Why Fox Hunting Should Be Banned Speech - Essays - Alexanderhook.

The reintroduction of the fox hunting issue so soon after the Foster Bill was allowed to peter out not only to throws the party into a radical clinch but creates a.

Why should fox hunting be banned? First and last: it is a sport that is focused on the pursuit and killing of a wild creature - if caught, the fox is either torn apart - disembowelled - by the hounds, or killed by the terrier-man if the fox has go.

Should fox hunting be banned essay
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