Ptlls roles and responsibilities

As a teacher I would need to be aware of my responsibilities and ensure that learners are aware of their responsibilities. Failure to comply might lead to grievances, disciplinary procedures and employment tribunals.

Feedback on assigments would be written or vebral if additional support was required. Confidentiality and safe keeping being of the utmost importance. I have considered their relevance to my role and subject area.

Responsibilities and boundaries in assessing At Stage 4, Assessing, my responsibilities are to set appropriate assessments that comply with the criteria set by the examining board. If you play recorded music or music videos in public — including radio or TV — you are legally required to have a PPL licence.

As a teacher I need to review the course once it has concluded. Using my personal presence, presonal example, charisma and tools such as ground rules, I need to create the right first impression to ensure that my learners are aware of their responsibilities within the learning environment.

I must also again make any reasonable adjustments with materials e. My responsibility would be to explain the entry equirements and assesment criteria to any prospective students. I should analyse what went well and what needs to be improved.

I need to create a psychologically safe environment without intimidation or disrespect. Code of Professional Practice by the Institute for Learning is a useful guide as to how teachers should behave and the professional boundaries that they should work within.

Eligibility in terms of funding and other issues unconnected with the course itself might be addressed by the Course Administrator and would therefore be a demarcation boundary. I would also need to design flipcharts, posters and handouts.

Role, responsibilities and boundaries

My responsibilities at this stage also include preparing aims, objectives, lesson plans, schemes of work and assessments. I might also purchase appropriate support materials such as management styles questionnaires, DVDs etc.

It protects individuals on the grounds of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, disability and sexual orientation. I need to follow the correct procedures for referring or failing students that do not meet the assessment criteria. If necessary, I would need to tailor the course providing additional support for the differing academic levels of the learners I might consult internal verifiers or other colleagues to ensure that my course content was appropriate and engaging for the learners.

PTLLS Assignment 1: Roles and Responsibilities in the Teaching Cycle

Freedom of Information Act — this legislation is around the rights of the public to information held by authorities. Other responsibilities would be in assessing the needs of the students prior to the learning.

This may be in terms of their academic ability in being able to achieve the Management qualification or in their background and experience in being able to apply the learning. Records should be kept safe and confidential.

Roles and Responsibilities in the Teaching Cycle or any similar topic only for you Order now I would then apply appropriate interventions to support the learner in overcoming such barriers, with due regard for the professional boundaries of the role. The boundaries at this stage include budgetary and time constraints which may affect the quality of the course materials.

My role would be ongoing in identifying barriers to learning whether academic, personal or otherwise. My exercises should cater for the varying learning styles of the group.

I Ptlls roles and responsibilities to minimise jargon and adapt my language and style to the needs of the participants. I have a responsibility to ensure that assessments are accessible, with any reasonable adjustments made.

Feedback should be constructive, balanced, supportive and helpful. Aslo reporting any issues that you are unable to address yourself. I must also ensure that my materials do not breach copyright and licencing requirements.

I should maintain confidentiality, agreed as part of the ground rules.PTLLS Assignment 1: Roles and Responsibilities in the Teaching Cycle 1. Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.

Hopwood Hall – PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) Assignment 1: Roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong5/5(1).

 Level – 4 (Prepare to teach in the lifelong learning sector) - PTLLS The following are headings for broad areas students will have to research to show evidence of competence in A: Roles and responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning GROUP B 1: Understanding inclusive learning and teaching in lifelong learning GROUP B 2: Using inclusive learning and teaching.

Review what your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher would be in terms of the teaching/training cycle. This essay discusses the roles and responsibilities of the teacher in the lifelong learning and the boundaries of teaching in order to provide a supportive learning environment.

PTLLS Assignment 1: Roles and Responsibilities in the Teaching Cycle; PTLLS Assignment 1: Roles and Responsibilities in the Teaching Cycle. Words Apr 1st, 9 Pages. Show More. 1. Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.

Training Cycle Roles and. Check out the full list of Ptlls assignments if you need a different one. Level 3 – Describe your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher/trainer/tutor in terms of the teaching/training cycle.

Recommended word count words. The key here is roles as distinct from responsibilities and how boundaries fit in to that.

Ptlls roles and responsibilities
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