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They like to keep track of things and are good planners.

They like to preach and are usually good teachers when they believe in the subject being taught. Some people become attached to material possessions, a house, new cars, nice clothes or other material items.

Invariably he found that in the process of serving the spiritual will, one becomes aware that the spiritual will is under a directive of an even higher will -- a universal will -- or what many call by many names: As a certified practitioner of Psychosynthesis, I have helped countless people with these issues and more.

Personality Integration Jungian Typology [8] is based on very real, observable descriptions of behavior as dipolar opposites where he infers that people choose one or the other based upon learned preferences.

Focus on a goal was the primary tool against which success or failure was measured. They are not comfortable discussing emotions. They exhibit "tough love" characteristics when dealing with dysfunctional people and they are true to their ideals. They tend to be controlling in a relationship.

It all became part of your subconscious programming. From the point of view of a scientist, it is easily observed that the Will to survive exists in all living organisms. Love Types are feelers [Myers-Briggs 12 ] with a high concern for people. You began to develop subconscious survival strategies to defend and protect your vulnerable self.

The inner healer can be a resource to our wounded inner child, and so on. Authoritarian, Participative, Facilitative and Permissive Life Styles are exhibited in varying degrees. If you are not living a life that is an expression of your unique being, a life that reflects your full potential in your career, your relationships and your spirit, you are selling yourself short.

In this case, behavior must be one or the other, however, Jungian theory excludes the integration of thinking-feeling and sensing-intuiting characteristics. At times, this may be at the expense of those with whom we interface. They can be excellent writers, artists, welders, brick layers, chefs, etc.

They understand people issues but can be quite judgmental when ideals are involved. A person living an Authoritarian Life Style displays a high intensity of Will and they are goal oriented. Their appearance and surroundings are usually very orderly.

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Nothing less has to be acceptable. It does not exclude Jungian Typology. Organized Alpha-7 Personality The Organized personality type follows rules and order.Psychosynthesis: A Psychotherapist's Personal Overview Frank Haronian, Ph.D. Lawrenceville, New Jersey ABSTRACT: Psychosynthesis, a therapeutic orientation based on personal ex- perience, bridges psychological and theological conceptions of human nature.

Psychosynthesis leaves conventional therapy in the dust Making decisions about the things about yourself you want to change and going about the process of changing them involves the use of your will. Discovery and activation of your will is a key aspect of Psychosynthesis work.

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“I” And Self Re-Visioning Psychosynthesis by John Firman Preface by Frank Haronian, Ph.D. 2 Published by John Firman Hawthorne Avenue Lawrenceville, New Jersey January 27, 6 Acknowledgements The seeds for this book began germinating in me during the winter of Psychology of Relationships by Roger Moore The following text is presented in the hope that we can take Psychosynthesis Typology to the next level of understanding.

I have not depended solely upon Assagioli's recorded text but have intuitively developed a line of reasoning (thinking) that allows his work to continue.

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