Ps124 final paper unit 9 heather

We designed, evaluated, and followed a study protocol as suggested by Kitchenham [86]. This mapping study analyzes the current trends of the technological support available for GSD projects, and identifies potential gaps in the current available research.

Table 1 provides an overview of such publications. In the initial stage relevant papers were identified by analyzing publications title and abstract full-text if needed ; and, in the second stage, which entailed a full-text analysis, the concrete technologies reported in each of the relevant papers were discovered and recorded.

The publication of extensive literature reviews and classification framework shows that there is a growing number of tools supporting GSD teams. Our mapping study has incorporated publications 66 in [] from which unique software technologies were extracted in [].

Companies have been increasingly adopting the GSD paradigm by moving their software development to places considered to be lower cost destinations, or to destinations where the required skills are more readily available [35].

As an example, plug-in technologies have been heavily explored sinceand there has recently been a new workshop series collocated with the International Conference on Software Engineering ICSE ; for further discussions on trends, we direct a reader to the concluding sections of this article.

During the execution of this systematic mapping study other secondary studies have been identified and retrieved. In particular, Section 3.

On the one side, the research community have identified many risks and safeguards e.

August 14 — All the children held at Kai Lama, a rural property on Lake EildonAustralia, run by the Santiniketan Park Associationare released after a police raid. After conducting a pilot manual search to find existing SLRs or SMSs focusing on GSD, it was clear that a thorough and systematic survey related to software technologies that have been developed for or have been used by companies for supporting practitioners applying the GSD paradigm was missing.

We have classified the identified technologies using different classification schemes such as: August 7 The Colombian frigate Caldas enters Venezuelan waters near the Los Monjes Archipelagosparking the Caldas frigate crisis between both nations.

It can be seen from Figure 1 that 9 the screening phase has been broken down into two separated phases. We decided to carry out our searches for the relevant papers in five well known digital libraries compared to four digital libraries used for [], which left out Springer Link.

They argue that software technologies quickly become obsolete that was why they decided to start their search from Another difference between two studies is the number of digital libraries searched. After the second screening stage, the primary studies were selected and an unstructured set of terms used to describe technologies was created and subsequently processed in the keywording stage in which the classification schemas were created.Unit 9 Final Paper for Criminal Justice.

A Systematic Mapping Study of Tools for Distributed ...

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Ps124 final paper unit 9 heather
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