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How will your research contribute to the "big picture" outside the academic context? Anyone can say they are passionate about their field, but if you open your personal statement by showing it, I think you are in a much better place. What personal and individual strengths do you have that make you a qualified applicant?

2019 GRFP Application

Blengineers - Fun video series of application tips Read an example essay. Once you have decided on who you will ask, email them early, and attach a description of the fellowship, and review criteria. Introduce the scientific problem and its impact on science Review Criteria 1 Broader Impacts - Introduction: Second, summarize your productivity in your narrative.

Sentences should have a opening topican action strong verband a resolution stress Also write an outline for what you want to highlight in your 3-page personal statement. On the other hand, if you are a second-year graduate student, you hopefully have already joined a research group, so you have more clarity about your immediate plan.

Consult a campus writing tutor for help with grammar or mechanics.


Instead of elaborate details on theory, focus on the rationale for your studies and the existing literature as it supports your proposed work. This revised rubric is designed to help you reflect on a the content of your essays, b how well your application packet reflects your abilities, and c your writing mechanics.

Read it carefully, and then reread it. What skills do you have to make this plan successful? Please refer back to that section for details. Why are you fascinated by your research area?

How prepared is this student to commence with graduate studies? If you choose the interdisciplinary or other option, you are probably going to get 1 or 2 reviewers from one field, and 1 or 2 from another field. Only 3 will be submitted to the review panel, and you get to choose which 3 those are in the Fastlane system.

Insights from the NSF 1. Her page links to other GRFP resources and advice from other award and honorable mention recipients.

How have you demonstrated these characteristics? The subfield is less important. Get a diverse set of letter writers. Has this student explored creative, original or transformative concepts independently or as part of a team?

Graduate School: Applying, Living, Thesising

Finally, the reviewer should be able to skim over your proposal and quickly be able to answer the following questions: Conduct educational outreach aimed at improving public scientific literacy?The Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) is a National Science Foundation-wide program that provides Fellowships to individuals selected early in their graduate careers based on their demonstrated potential for significant research achievements in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) or in STEM education.

The Personal Statement, Relevant Background, and Future Goals Statement (PDF) This essay will work to demonstrate your ability to successfully undertake your proposed project and your potential to be a leader in science and/or education.

NSF's mission is to advance the progress of science, a mission accomplished by funding proposals for research and education made by scientists, engineers, and educators from across the country.

Below is the prompt for the Personal, Relevant Background and Future Goals Statement: Please outline your educational and professional development plans and career goals. Writing Resources GRFP Statement Planning Guides.

GRFP Overview

Checklist Use a checklist to plan your time and complete your GRFP application by the submission deadline. Worksheets: Writer's Block? This list of writing prompts is applicable to the Personal, Relevant Background & Future Goals statements.

The list is not inclusive by any means! Describing Previous Research Experiences This worksheet will. Be concise and format your statements effectively. Remember that reviewers will have limited time to read your application. Clearly labeling different sections and addressing explicitly each requirement will make the statement more effective and clear for reviewers.

Nsf grfp personal statement
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