Need of a strengthened species act essay

Should the Endangered Species Act Be Strengthened?

Conclusion ESA is often measured as the most thriving section of environmental legislation; it still has the reputation of being controversial. As humans, we do not need the gray wolf, but in order for the ecosystem at the park to sustain itself, the gray wolf is needed.

In the United States alone, hundreds of plant and animal species, including the eastern elk, the passenger pigeon, and the California grizzly bear, have become extinct since the time of the first European settlements.

The species report card calls for even more specifications on the recovery plans such as species reintroduction, habitat acquisition, captive propagation, habitat restoration and protection, population assessments, research and technical assistance for landowners, and public education.

At the same time, expanding the ESA also culminates the process of infusing the role of the government in social concerns. That is why Shepherd insists on the active recovery plans. A century ago people could see them in thousands or even in millions. These figures prove that this This will provide an improved co-operation and adherence from the part of the regulated public towards the realization of a better working statute.

Secondly, the determination needs to be accurately made on the numbers are sufficiently increased and to be removed from the ESA list. In fact, scientists estimate that species have gone extinct in the United States in the past years.

There are many reasons for this belief that is shared by most individuals like the importance of saving these species that are threatened or close to extinction.

It is based on three key elements—listing species as threatened or endangered, designating habitat essential for their survival and recovery, and ultimately restoring healthy populations of the species so they can be removed from the list. In conclusion, the Endangered Species Act is an essential part of environmental law, and therefore, should be strengthened and improved in areas that require improvement.

Shepherd stated that many raptors including Bald Eagles are declined in number because of the thinning effect in the insecticide DDT on egg shells. Humankind is lucky to live in such a variety of ecosystems, but unfortunately, we all happen to leave some type of mark on the Earth and share in the destruction of many species, as well as their habitats.

While not all of the species on the Endangered Species List are of direct use to human beings, they are still necessary to sustain one ecosystem or another.

American Bar Association pp. As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest issues that those who believe that the ESA should NOT be strengthened is that it impedes the rights of property owners. Due to the abundance of deer and elk, many plants, such as the willow and aspen were being destroyed.

Likewise, delisting a species is a long and difficult process. An example to the importance of this objective is the Pacific salmon population of the Columbia River Basin.

As John Kostyack, who represents the National Wildlife Foundation, points out that the ESA has been so successful that is should be strengthened, not weakened.

Once a species are gone, there is no way to bring them back. The Endangered Species Act: Other options include; reducing capital gains and estate taxes, or allowing expenditures that are part of specified species conservation programs.

Issues of climatic change and global warming Critically analyzing the issue, the value of expanding the ESA is one approach that can involve the government in efforts to address the problems of the environment.

Despite attacks from right-wing think tanks, some members of Congress, extractive industry spokespeople, and Rush Limbaugh, more than three quarters of Americans support a strong Endangered Species Act.

It is up to us who have brought extinction upon some species due to our continued actions, thus it is our problem and one that demands crucial attention.

Enhancing in ESA is inevitable as it is extreme and inflexible in mandating the protection of every species regardless of other considerations.

When the gray wolf population dwindled, scientists noticed that the populations of deer and elk rose dramatically without the gray wolf to kill and eat them. Retrieved April 23, from http: Unfortunately, the natural systems we depend on are at risk, and plants and animals worldwide are disappearing.

There have been some state and government efforts to try and save the sea turtles from extinction.

Should the Endangered Species Act be strengthened

It includes formulating and assessing how each side corresponds to either its development or abolishment. Thus the ESA should evolve itself to include sound since in order to avoid controversies.

Economic factors are to play no part in listing species is an original ESA mandate. Public opinion on species and endangered species conservation. It points out that the accounts for change only resulted to further degradation due to the loopholes associated with this mandate Miller and Spoolman, In order for a species to be considered for listing, the species must meet one of the five criteria: Troutdale Species Report Card Association of biodiversity information and the nature conservancy; The state of US plants and animals.Below is an essay on "Should Endangered Species Act Be Strengthened" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Summary The most powerful of all environmental protection laws, the Endangered Species Act (ESA), is under fire from two directions. Conclusion: The Endangered Species Act is a very important environmental law that should be strengthened in order to slow down the rapid species extinction that acts as our gene pool.

Should the Endangered Species Act be Strengthened?

I believe with the above recommendations and actions there would be felt a reduction in the requirement of compensating landowners for economic loss, which is. Need of a Strengthened Species Act. Filed Under: Research papers Tagged With: species.

4 pages, words The Essay on Protection Of Endangered Species It is important now for ESA to recognize all the reasons for the decline of species. ESA would need still more responsible agencies to decide a few information in timely.

Need of a Strengthened Species Act Essay. B. Pages:7 Words This is just a sample. We will write a custom essay sample on Need of a Strengthened Species Act specifically for you for only $ It is important now for ESA to recognize all the reasons for the decline of species.

ESA would need still more responsible agencies to. ”-President Richard Nixon The Endangered Species Act of is one of the most popular and effective environmental laws ever enacted. It is a commitment by the American people to work together to protect and restore those species that are most at risk of extinction.

Because of this law, many species’ habitats were saved by destruction and degradation from human activities, such as logging, real estate and other industry development, mining, and global warming.

“The Endangered Species Act is very important, because it save our native fish, plants, and wildlife from going extinct.

Need of a strengthened species act essay
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