My ideal teacher

An ideal teacher should have unbounded love and affection for his students. He has taught me the value of hard work, honesty and I can do just anything for him. If a student does something wrong and regrets it sincerely, the teacher, instead of punishing him, should deal so tactfully with him that the wrong-dear will ever refrain from doing such things in future.

The students love their teacher as their hero. Rather he talks about problems that have arisen in the classroom and eventually gets back to the lesson. He is always neat, clean, and wears type of clothing that is acceptable in the school building in which he teaches.

Thus, a teacher with the My ideal teacher qualities is my ideal teacher. An ideal teacher gets credit and respect for himself, for his school and for his country. One key to be upbear is having a good self-concept. The students consider an ideal teacher a friend, philosopher and guide.

He is happy and also makes others happy. An ideal teacher should, therefore, have a good personality and abundant knowledge. We have now all kinds of teachers teaching from pre-primary level to the university level. Teaching is a professional job. If we are to describe an ideal teacher in a few words, we must say that he should have the ability to serve as a model before his students.

He should be able to inculcate certain virtues among students, such as regular studies, punctuality, care of health, equal emphasis on reading and writing, perseverance, kindheartedness, and the like. If he has knowledge of allied subjects, it would also help him to teach better.

He has a good sense of humour, can laugh at him and can also laugh with the students.

What Is an Ideal Teacher?

This shows that an ideal teacher is not someone to be found here, there and everywhere. It is a source of great pleasure and they show it in their facial expression and in their positive attitude around the school. It requires technical knowledge of teaching.

My ideal teacher

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. An ideal teacher is diversified with regard to his preparation. An ideal teacher is kind and forgiving.

But this fun is not of impolite nature. The teacher is a respected person. He goes with us for picnics and outings and enjoys with us. Among all teachers, who is an ideal teacher?The Ideal Teacher essaysThe ideal teacher would always look out for their students, no matter what the situation is.

He or she should treat their students as if there was their own kids. Teachers needs to understand their students well enough, and should build a strong relationship with each other. A teacher’s profession is an ideal profession. Yet all teachers are not ideal.

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There are many who are angry, beat students, scold them right and left, do not look neat in appearance, have no affection for students, are interested only in increasing their income, keep no touch with books, and are too much inclined to politics.

An ideal teacher is diversified with regard to his preparation. This means that the teacher not only focuses on specific areas but has considerable command on the related subjects. My Ideal Teacher.

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Free Essay: My Ideal Teacher When I think about teachers that I have had in the past, several different ones come to my mind. Each of these educators stands. There is no one single, universally accepted set of guidelines for what makes an ideal teacher. In an article from The New York Times columnist Joe Nocera ina robust national discussion is taking place at the moment concerning defining the characteristics of an ideal teacher.

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My ideal teacher
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