Cause of football injuries

A minute warm-up should include a combination of stretching and cardiovascular exercises to prepare the body for exercise, increases performance levels and helps to prevent injuries. The study found that, on average, there are 4 direct fatalities and 8. The research also shows that more injuries occur during competitive matches than occur during training.

Shoulder injuries are also quite common and the labrum cartilage bumper surrounding the socket part of the shoulder is particularly susceptible to injury, especially in offensive and defensive linemen.

Often, causes of football injuries include making the mistake of not staying physically active during the off-season. Over a year period from September to Junethere were 94 players who sustained catastrophic head injuries—8 of these players died as a result of the injury, 46 sustained permanent neurological damage, and 36 made a full recovery.

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There is also a sex difference in football injuries with female players having a higher injury rate than males. A study of high school and college football players split fatalities into two types: In addition, injuries to the acromioclavicular joint ACJ or shoulder are seen in football players.

Football Injuries Introduction

Intense physical activity can result in excessive sweating that depletes the body of salt and water. Instances of sudden trauma most often result in knee injuries, especially involving severe tears of the Posterior or Anterior cruciate ligaments PCL or ACL. When reviewing the published literature on football injuries, the overall incidence of injury in football is between 9 and 35 injuries per hours of football in adults, and between 0.

Heat Injuries Heat injuries are a major concern for youth football players, especially at the start of training camp. Not all those who suffer a concussion will lose consciousness.

The earliest symptoms are painful cramping of major muscle groups. Impact Perhaps the hardest to avoid, sports injuries caused by impact are most common in contact sports such as football, rugby and boxing etc. Heat Poor hydration habits commonly pair with cases of overheating to cause significant health problems, especially for young football players.

While overuse injuries can occur, traumatic injuries such as concussions are most common. Common injuries here include cuts, bruising, head injuriesmuscle pain and dislocated joints, spinal injuries, ligament and tendon damage, fractures and head and spinal injuries.

Football is popular despite its higher incidence of injury in comparison to other sports. A concussion is a change in mental state due to a traumatic impact. A physiological sign of overtraining is also an increased resting heart rate.

Overuse Injuries Low-back pain, or back pain in general, is a fairly common complaint in football players due to overuse.Sep 12,  · Coverage from The New York Times about head injuries in football and the effects of repeated concussions on current and former N.F.L.

players. As the world mourns the loss of Ohio State University football player Kosta Karageorge, who was found dead in an apparent suicide on Nov. 30, concerns about the long term effects of head injuries. Learn how to avoid football injuries with proper preparation and routine.

Health issues in American football

Sports-related injuries comprise a significant number of the injuries treated by physicians at Rothman Orthopaedic the sports played by our patients, football remains the leading cause of sports injuries; in for example, overpatients were treated for football-related injuries in emergency rooms.

Injuries occur during football games and practice due to the combination of high speeds and full contact. While overuse injuries can occur, traumatic injuries such as concussions are most common. The force applied to either bringing an opponent to the ground or resisting being brought to the ground makes football players prone to injury.

Health issues in American football comprise a large number of health risks associated with participating in the sport.

Preventing Football Injuries

Injuries are relatively common in American football, due to its nature as a full-contact game. Injuries occur during both practice and games. Tackles are one of the leading causes of injuries in American football.

Football is a rough sport, and despite the helmets, pads, braces, and supports, injuries are a common part of the game. The combination of the size of the players, speed of play, and physical nature of the game makes football injuries quite common.

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Cause of football injuries
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