An analysis of the message in the story of abraham and isaac in the bible

The fact of the covenant depended upon obedience; the kind or nature of the covenant inaugurated was totally unrelated to the continuing obedience of either Abraham or his seed.

Then, as Abraham fell into a deep sleep, "a smoking fire pot with a blazing torch. A new basis must be established. According to this view the book has the following structural arrangement: For example, Revelation The thought of actually killing Isaac never crossed their minds.

Second, because Abraham acted on a prophetic vision of what God had asked him to do, the story exemplifies how prophetic revelation has the same truth value as philosophical argument and thus carries equal certainty, notwithstanding the fact that it comes in a dream or vision.

Abraham affirmed that God was holy and just and could not fathom Him destroying the righteous with sinners. This conclusion is supported by the fact that chapter 10 already refers to the different languages spoken by the nations as they spread throughout the world Gen Sign of the covenant When Abraham was 99 years old, almost 25 years after the original promise, God appeared to him and reaffirmed His covenant again promising both the land and numerous descendants which would come through a seed born to be born to him by Sarah Gen Hagar got pregnant and eventually became proud and unmanageable.

Further, Abraham is promised the land of Canaan as an everlasting possession Gen Hope is promised through the seed of the woman who will enter into conflict with the seed of the serpent the evil one.

That faith is required to enter into the unconditional blessings of the covenant is clearly seen in the sign of the covenant. To Abraham personally God promises to bless him, make a great nation from him his seed would be innumerable, Gen I think it is.

But she certainly knew what was going on.

Binding of Isaac

Thus Genesis reveals God as the Judge, the One to whom all beings are accountable. This lesson has wide-ranging applications in our lives.

The calling of Abraham was just another piece in the story of redemption. So he accepts it as a sacred trust and discharges it in full submission to his Lord and unselfish consideration for his wife and what is best for her. Had he consulted Sarah, she might have pointed out the foolishness of his decision, but like many men he moved ahead with his plans without considering the hardships he could cause her.

Abraham and Sarah were childless a real source of shame in that cultureyet God promised that Abraham would have a son Genesis The Book of Hebrews gives witness to this faith that Abraham demonstrated Heb The Abrahamic Covenant as presented in the Book of Genesis and referred to throughout all of Scripture is always treated as unconditional in nature.

God called Abraham out of the millions of people on the earth to be the object of His blessings. Whereas the Abrahamic covenant is unilateral and unconditional, and therefore can never be broken, the Mosaic covenant, which is bilateral and conditional, can be broken.

Abraham is a living example of faith and hope in the promises of God Hebrews This reckoning is, in effect, a judicial verdict whereby God declared Abraham to be righteous on the basis of his faith in God to do what He had promised him to do.

God is not obligated to save us simply because we have an impeccable Christian pedigree. The word has been traditionally viewed as the heading of a section. Sarai cannot become pregnant, but she wants to give her husband an heir. Armed with that potent promise, Abraham pulled up stakes, and with his father Terah, his nephew Lot, and his wife Sarah, began the long trek northward around the fertile crescent to the city of Haran.

The whole of redemptive history is moving in this direction. In the final analysis, we see that Abraham was an exemplary individual, not so much in his piety or perfect life he had his shortcomings, as we sawbut because his life illustrates so many truths of the Christian life.The Binding of Isaac is a story from the Hebrew Bible found in Genesis In the biblical narrative, God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac, on Moriah.

Abraham begins to comply, when a messenger from God interrupts him. Abraham then sees a ram and sacrifices it instead. This episode has been the focus of a great deal of commentary in traditional Jewish, Christian, and Muslim sources, as well as being.

What can we learn from the life of Abraham? Why did God choose Abraham? How is understanding the life of Abraham valuable to our spiritual growth? The example he uses is the story of Abraham and Isaac on Mount Moriah.

Mere assent to the truths of the gospel is not enough to save. In the final analysis, we see that Abraham was an. Where the world comes to study the Bible. Study. Study by: Book Topic Author Verse Bible study tool. My Lord— The Story of Abraham and Sarah. and the knife; she saw her son Isaac, and she saw Abraham, a look of agony etched on his weathered brow.

But she saw no animal for the sacrifice. Scripture says that Abraham believed that God. E. The expectant hope of the elect seed in the complete fulfillment of God's word of promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is expressed in both Jacob's and Joseph's instructions concerning their burial in the land God promised to Abraham.

(–) 1. The sacrifice of Isaac, a horrifying test, proved the faith of both Abraham and Isaac. Learn how this story pointed to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The sacrifice of Isaac, a horrifying test, proved the faith of both Abraham and Isaac. Learn how this story pointed to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Bible Verses on Cultural Diversity. You do not mention the title of the book, poem or play you are working on, so I will give you an overview of the story of Abraham and Isaac in the Bible.

Abraham and his wife Sarah were very old - over 90 years old - and they had no children. God had promised to make Abraham the father of many nations.

An analysis of the message in the story of abraham and isaac in the bible
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