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In all reality, everyone is an immigrant. We will write a custom essay sample on America: Not only that, but many people in other countries are not as fortunate as we are and that strives to be a primary reason why they are coming here. Atter looking through every paper trom the survey, the results were unexpected and rather shocking at one point.

Schools should be preparing our students to interact with the immigrants that are coming into our country by offering classes that teach about different cultures, ethnicities, and languages.

Not only does this allow for a diversity to exist, but celebrates and recognizes the people of different backgrounds that are in our country. They do not have to feel ashamed of whom they are because we have established that every human in America is equally important and part of a team when it comes to creating a diverse country.

We all go through triumphs throughout life; we experience high and low points which better our character and overall understanding of the life we live.

Not all Americans are going to be too pleased with all of the immigrants that are coming over, but it is what it is. This can further be proven with an example of an experiment done by Scott Page, a political scientist at the University of Michigan. Groups tend to spend too much time on exploiting and not enough time exploring.

The different talents that are brought here can broaden our businesses and begin to make them more marketable and profitable. Taking twenty minutes out of your day to listen to the experiences and daily life of someone in another country will blow your mind.

What Page found out and gained knowledge about was that groups made up of some smart agents and some not smart ones almost always did better than a groups made up by only smart agents. Many people do not have the chance to travel and experience new parts of the world, so the immigrants that are coming into the United States are able to expose what they know to the native born Americans.

Everyone matters and together make a great team, communicating and co-operating as one nation. Together all those ingredients make up a unity creating an excellent salad.

By preparing ourselves for the immigrants that are coming into the country we are only bettering ourselves to help them make the transition into our country easier and more comfortable. Embracing all of it in order to promote knowledge and collectively make a better decision for society as a whole.

He has done a series of intriguing experiments using computer-stimulated problem-solving agents to demonstrate the positive effects of diversity.

The Last Best Hope.These beliefs have generated two popular metaphors: the melting pot and the salad bowl. FUSED INTO INCLUSION AND TOLERANCE The melting pot metaphor arose in the eighteenth century, sometimes appearing as the smelting pot or crucible, and it described the fusion of various religious sects, nationalities, and ethnic groups into one distinct.

America is a melting pot or a salad bowl?

America, Melting Pot or Salad Bowl Society? Essay

The metaphor for the melting pot is unfortunate and misleading for America. A more accurate metaphor would be a salad bowl, for the salad bowl can be very different from the melting pot because of all its ingredients can make it distinguished from the melting pot.

Essay about America the Melting Pot or America the Salad Bowl?

Words | 9 Pages assimilating to new culture is much more bearable when one builds close relationships by showing becoming sympathetic to other‘s needs. The salad bowl allows people to retain their original cultures and traditions whereas the melting pot doesn’t.

Despite these benefits, some people believe that America is a melting pot instead of the salad bowl. 1/18/12 America: Melting Pot or Salad Bowl? Imagine a bowl full of salad. It has lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, etc. all mixed together but not combined.

America, Melting Pot or Salad Bowl Society?

America: Melting Pot vs. Salad Bowl

Words | 8 Pages called a melting pot; however, I would argue that America should no longer be called a melting pot.

America melting pot or salad bowl essay writer
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